Brett Murray

Aaron Vickers

Murray is a big, rangy winger who is still growing into his frame, but has some intriguing offensive upside. He is a big-bodied power forward who will throw his weight around. He might get a little off balance when bumped, but he will continue on as he is hardly ever knocked over. Murray is incredibly strong in possession and doesn’t let the opposition get at the puck no matter how hard they try. He sees the ice well and slides into open lanes with his stick presented to his man for a pass. He is driven and will drive the net for a chance to finish off a rebound. Murray uses his size to his advantage as he finishes his checks hard on the forecheck and protects the puck with sheer strength. He displays some impressive and high-end playmaking skill down low, cycling the puck and getting creative with it before dishing it to the slot. He makes very good use of his body, especially on the backcheck as he catches his man and rubs him off the puck. He goes hard on the forecheck, but reads and adapts well as to when he needs to ease off or kick it into gear and get on the puck carrier. Murray has some skating deficiencies that will need to be addressed as his stride is choppy and lacks in jump. His first few steps need a lot of work as does his balance; all traits of a kid trying to grow into an ever-expanding frame. He will have plenty of time to develop during his time at Penn State.   (May 2016)