Brett McKenzie

Aaron Vickers

McKenzie is a big, skilled, but often inconsistent, two-way center. He has a strong lower body leading to powerful agility and quick lateral movements when he taps into it. He possesses some impressive puck skills that shine in his cycle and board play down low as he dekes his man inside and out. McKenzie tries to be creative with the puck in open ice, but often fumbles it when he hits top speed. As a big, physically mature center, he is at his best when he uses his size to his advantage, using it to protect the puck when needed or getting involved in the gritty areas and forcing turnovers on the forecheck. His quick and heavy shot forces goalies to make the save, however, it is not always the most accurate when he isn’t fully set. McKenzie shows a willingness to step in and stick up for his goalie and teammates, not letting the opposition take advantage of his team. Defensively, he loses his check at times, but also works hard to pick it back up. He shows good defensive coverage as he pulls back to cover for a pinching defender. He can be a bit of an agitator at times, flexing his muscle and being a physical force on the outside. His skating limits his overall effectiveness and efficiency on the ice, and it will need to improve if he is to have a NHL future at all. He is one of those players who convinces you of his potential one game and then leaves you questioning his potential in the next.  (May 2016)