Brett Howden

Darren Walker

Howden is a two-way performer who covers his bases. His hard work and dedication to the finer details of the game make him a special asset to have on a winning team. He is an exemplary teammate who oozes leadership qualities with his demeanor and hands-on approach. Aside from his intangible assets, Howden is a large-sized forward who can make an impact all over the rink. He has tree-trunk legs and a powerful, yet swift, stride. His mobility and agility aren’t hindered by his size as he transitions smoothly and has few detriments with his skating. He has an intelligent offensive mind with a well-rounded skill set. Howden sees the ice well and knows a moment ahead of the play what he has to do. He sees passing lanes develop and hits his mark on a consistent basis. He has quality puck focus and is able to carry play at a high level. When Howden carries the puck, he uses a head of steam with strong protection skills to drag the puck into and out of traffic. In our opinion, he is more of a passer than a shooter, although he has a quick wrist shot with a snap release that really tests the goaltender. In his own zone, he is an asset, making smart plays and recognizing where he is best positioned. We would like to see him add more mass to his frame so that he could be even more of a powerful specimen to deal with.   (May 2016)