Brent Moran

Aaron Vickers

Moran is a quick, reflexive goalie who plays out at the top of his crease. He is quick laterally when in the butter y, but lacks speed going side to side when upright. Mo- ran covers the net well in all areas except for his five-hole. His low and wide stance opens up his five-hole considerably, and gives shooters a target to shoot at. In the butter y, his five-hole is closed off more, but when he stretches out to make a save, he leaves this area exposed. He recovers quickly and has a quick blocker. His glove hand lacks quickness, but he can come up big with glove saves at key times. Moran’s rebound control and ability to cover pucks are also areas that need improvement. He challenges shooters well and is a very determined goalie. However, after allowing a goal he is slow to recover and to regain composure. Moran holds his ground very well and is a strong goalie. He reads plays extremely well and knows where to be for an incoming shot. He has quick legs as he kicks the puck away, but is sometimes forced to make desperation saves. His athleticism is very high and he is very flexible. Moran moves and tracks the puck well, even when being screened and through traffic. He is square to shooters, but will need to tighten up his body when getting set for a shot. Despite being a raw talent, over the season, his play has been very consistent and he has shown significant improvement. (May 2014)