Brendan Perlini

Darren Walker

A big, smooth-skating, offensive-minded winger with loads of offensive potential. Perlini is a gifted skater, very mobile and fast on his feet. His speed sets him apart from other players on the ice and he uses it to his advantage effectively. His first step is huge and he accelerates quickly, even from a stationary position. In a ash, he reaches top speed and catches up to opponents. Perlini has top-notch hand speed and his creativity makes him lethal when the puck is on his stick. He is great when the puck is on his stick; he is very effective and knows what to do and where to go to be successful. Even when pressured, with one or two men on him, he manages to maintain possession and dish out smart passes. He protects the puck well against defenders and is effective in doing so when at top speed. Perlini sees lanes before they open, and gets there to receive a pass or to send the puck through to a teammate. His passes are both accurate and sharp. Perlini has a nose for the net and seems to drive the net from wherever he is on the ice, with or without the puck. He has a powerful wrist shot off the rush and it is quick off his stick from in close. Perlini uses his speed to forecheck hard and pressure opponents to turn over the puck. He drives the net hard, protecting the puck with his body and generating chances. He anticipates plays and reacts extremely well, often covering for his defensemen who pinch in the offensive zone. He is patient and does not rush, with and without the puck, allowing him to see lanes and get there for passes and scoring chances. He is constantly moving and challenging the opposing defensemen in hopes of making them turn over the puck. He battles hard along the wall and does not quit on a puck battle. Perlini has tremendous hockey sense and makes very smart plays with the puck. He is competitive and supports his teammates. (May 2012)