Brendan Lemieux

Aaron Vickers

Lemieux is a solid skater, but it takes him a few strides to get up to speed. He works hard and what he lacks in speed, he makes up for in size and determination. He has the ability to pull away from players when in possession of the puck and is very agile. He pivots well, and is powerful in stops and starts. He dishes accurate, crisp passes and has good hands. He controls the puck with ease and the timing of his passes are near perfect. Has a very effective shot that he can get off in tight spaces. He uses his size to protect the puck well, and does not back down from a fight. He is a hard-nosed player who finds a way to always get to the net. Maturity is almost there but, at times loses his cool and doesn’t focus on the play at hand. He plays with an edge and is a real agitator, which can be costly at times. He is solid, allowing him to take hits along the wall. Even after a long shift, he does not quit and drives the net for scoring chances. He is one of the first back on the backcheck and his puck possession is incredible. He plays in all situations and delivers monstrous checks when the time is right. Covers his check in the defensive zone well and is great at removing players from the puck. (May 2014)