Brendan Leipsic

Aaron Vickers

A smallish but super skilled pesky forward. A hard skating for- ward with good explosiveness in his step who lacks that extra gear but makes up for it by being ‘sneaky fast.’ This kid plays with passion and drive and is not afraid of any- thing or anyone on the ice. An Energizer Bunny who always keeps his feet moving on the ice. Throws his body around without hesitation and is determined in all aspects of the game. Has dynamic offensive abilities which include soft hands, unbelievable puck skills, nice vision and offensive creativity, an accurate shot and nice playmaking abilities. He also has no problem going to dirty areas and driving the net for a chance. He has poor size for the physical game he wants to play however he has been absolutely crushed a couple of times but always pops right up and keeps playing hard. Defensively he is a little more relaxed in his consistency but does show knowledge of what to do and often works to be the first forward back. Injury concern for the style that he plays is the only pause for most scouts. (May 2012)