Brendan Guhle

Aaron Vickers

Guhle is an absolutely beautiful skater. He is smooth in all directions and has added a ton of power in his step this year. He has long strides and gets up to speed quickly. He creates momentum with his pivots and looks effortless when he goes back to retrieve a dumped in puck. Power, speed and edging are all great, whether moving forwards or backwards with his cover- age of the ice being extremely impressive. He uses his skating to track guys down when they get a step on him and shows no hesitation in following up the play offensively after delivering an outlet pass. He gets himself into trouble when he tries to play the puck rusher role as we feel he just does not have the instincts or puck skills for that type of role. He does have the ability to be more than solid in his own zone, though. He can just plain smother guy outs along the walls. He has great wingspan, and with his mobility, he always seems to be doing something positive on the defensive side of the puck. He is still a little bit weak physically as he gets out-muscled in some puck battles and struggles to contain some of the bigger bodies in front of the net. His gaps are strong and stick work is solid. He makes some questionable transitional reads and is best when he keeps his play simple: focusing on strong defense and delivering a strong first pass. Does show some signs of questionable hockey sense in the defensive zone, at times seeming to be a little bit unsure and getting himself out of position. We think Guhle can work through this if he just keeps things simple and doesn’t try to be something he is not. (May 2015)