Brayden Burke

Aaron Vickers

Burke is a skilled, playmaking winger with a bit of a size deficiency. He’s a wiry guy and a deceptive skater with the speed to pull away from a defender when needed. He does not possess high-end speed, but has enough to create space and the agility to maneuver around tight areas just fine. He has a good awareness of where his teammates are on the ice and puts himself in prime areas to make a play. He possesses very accurate puck-movement skills and leads his man, knowing where he will be just before releasing the puck on his pass. Burke’s hands are great in traffic and he is capable of making crafty plays at the last second to set up a teammate. He is very slippery and capable of breaking a team’s back with little space. He’s a guy who excels with space and in odd-man scenarios. Burke finds space, but doesn’t go out of his way to work for it in physical battles. He is outmatched quickly in board battles where strength is needed. He can let frustration creep into his game and he gets a little careless from time to time, exhibited by a few emotional sequences that cause him to take some poor offensive-zone penalties or lead to a bad turnovers. Burke makes smart and simple plays in the defensive zone, but can also leave the zone too early. He is an offensive guy who plays five-on-five and the power play, but is not relied upon in any defensive scenarios. With the puck, he has the skill to be a difference-maker, but he has to put forth the effort in the rest of his game.  (May 2016)