Brandon Whitney

Aaron Vickers

A huge butterfly style goaltender who fills the net with his natural size. Love his physical frame and ability to fill the majority of net even when he drops into his butterfly. Plays with some solid positioning and plays his angles well. More of a blocking style tender than athletic, second and third chance type of stopper. Has just average lateral mobility and can be prone to being beaten with quick cross crease passing plays. Does come out and challenge single shooters but has times where he sinks back too deep into his net and makes himself small when facing multiple attackers. Has a tendency as many young stoppers do to drop to his knees early and is only saves on high shots because of his height. Holds his glove a little low and needs to bring it out further. Looks to be a hard worker and one that is willing to improve. Whitney has many enticing qualities that NHL teams want in a goaltender prospect. (May 2012)