Brandon Prophet

Darren Walker

Prophet is a big, strong, stay-at-home defenseman. He skates well, but is not one to rush the puck up ice through defenders using shifty lateral dekes or quickness. Could improve his agility, but has good speed. He uses his feet and reach to maintain position in his own zone and keep the opposition out of dangerous scoring areas. He is at his best playing a safe, simple, defensive-minded game. Not creative with the puck and has simple hands. Prophet makes the safe pass with good accuracy and is simple, yet effective, with the puck. Can make a bad decision with the puck when he is under pressure as well as surprise you with a skilled play you do not see often from him. Where he really brings it is with his ability to use his frame and play a physical game. Not a big fighter, but will drop the gloves no matter how big or tough the opponent. Strong on the PK as he gets into lanes, block shots and clears the dangerous areas. Reads the play well and makes smart defensive decisions. A minute muncher who can log big minutes in all defensive situations. Not one we think will be a point producer at the next level, but fills the role of a physical, defensive-minded defender well. (May 2014)