Brandon Montour

Aaron Vickers

In his third year of NHL-draft eligibility, Montour had his breakthrough season. He is an offensive defenseman, plain and simple. He is an explosive skater with quick, powerful feet and strong acceleration with the puck. He escapes pressure calmly and con dent- ly, and has seemingly no worries with the puck. He likes to get involved in the rush and will jump in time and time again. He will often lead the play with the puck on his stick, and weave his way end to end with the puck before getting it deep. Montour has his head up at all times with the puck, and is able to avoid hits and move through aggressive defenders with his speed and edge control. Montour sees the ice well and has a good awareness of his teammates. At times, he can be a little selfish with the puck, but he’ll find his teammate with a hard, accurate pass. Montour has a strong point shot that he gets off quickly and fairly accurately when it gets through. Montour will take chances from the point and get involved deep in the zone. He plays an aggressive brand of hockey and will sometimes chase the puck defensively. The structure in his game has been questioned in the past, but there were some improvements to his defensive game this season. He uses his stick effectively to get into lanes, and he will use his body when he needs to in order to take a player off the puck. His compete level on defense can improve at times. (May 2014)