Brandon Halverson

Darren Walker

A large butter y stopper with more room to ll out on his lanky frame. Is very reactionary with solid re exes. Uses height to see through traffic and track pucks. Is poised in the net and is very strong when he secures the puck; a battler who does not let the puck get away from him once he has captured it in his glove or under his pad. Strong technically with a tight five hole. His blocker and glove are also strengths. Halverson is a very good communicator with the defensemen and typically handles the puck well. Needs to be more aggressive in his crease and get to the top of the blue paint, where he’ll take up even more of the net. Would bene t his game to be more active and clear pucks within his reach or use his stick to poke check. Positioning is still a work in progress as he could challenge shooters more by coming out further, but with his size and in this league, he can get away with sitting deeper in the crease. Doesn’t give shooters much to see though because of his huge frame. He shows a willingness to play the puck and handles it well most of the time, but can get in trouble at times when he tries to do too much with it. (May 2014)