Brandon Carlo

Darren Walker

A big, nasty, physical defensive defender. He’s an absolute monster out on the ice and skates
extremely well for his size. His footwork is not perfect but definitely at a higher level than you
would expect for someone who is six-foot-five. He’s got a good powerful skating stride and
displays good lateral mobility. He is constantly in players’ faces, chirping and talking trash. He
is a big fan of using his stick in a dirty way behind the play; a borderline dirty player who has a
very mean edge to his game. He is very involved in the play, looking to jump up into the rush
and push the pace when the opportunity is there. He passes the puck well and shows off a very
hard shot. Does a good job getting himself into shooting position, while also showing the ability
to handle the puck in such a way to give himself space to shoot it. He has solid instincts to go
with his skating and snarl. He is a big minute-muncher type–think Braydon Colborn–who is best
at keeping things simple and safe. While he does rely a lot on his size and strength at this level,
we think he has the toolbox to still “play the game” at the next level. His size and skating combo
is rare and coveted by NHL teams.  (May 2015)