Bradley Lalonde

Aaron Vickers

A raw defender with some solid offensive upside. He has decent skating ability, with some nice power in his stride. His knees get nice and wide, allowing him to remain balanced and generate a healthy top speed. Very quick feet, he oats around the ice with ease, and can quickly change direction and cover space. Is at his best when he keeps his puck movement quick and simple as his hands are not as quick as his feet. He definitely has an offensive lean to his game. On the power play he sits up top on the point and just constantly tees up dangerous one-timers, showing off a great hard slap shot, quick release and the proper positioning to be a guy who just wires the puck. His wrist shot is significantly weaker and less effective than his big clapper. While defending and on puck retrieval, he makes some nice little plays with the puck against pressure and shows impressive poise with the puck. He is not afraid to try and push the pace, jumping into the rush and even going deep to the net to try and create an odd-man advantage around the blue ice when the time is right. On the ip side, he makes some defensive miscues and turnovers as he can get a little sloppy with the puck deep in his own zone. The big concern we have is his lack of physicality–he looks scared to engage and he needs to get stronger. (May 2015)