Brad Ross

Aaron Vickers

Fierce competitor who loves the physical aspect of the game and uses it to get his opponent off their game. Throws his body around, runs his mouth and displays a nasty disposition to intimidate opponents. Is a decent skater who gets to where he is going but lacks that extra gear. Strong and balanced on his skates allow him to be a dangerous hitter. Drops the gloves and does so often with solid results. Brings energy and grit as a top line compliment and has enough offensive talent that he is also a productive option for a skilled centre. Shows dedication to a two-way game and will take a hit or block a hard shot to help the team. Opens up time and space for his linemates because of his physical play and does so without taking bad penalties. Has a tenacious, take no prisoners attitude on the ice. Seen as more of a complimentary player than a first line guy at the next level. Size and the style he plays leave some wondering about how he will stand up to the bigger and stronger competition. (May 2010)