Brad Morrison

Aaron Vickers

Morrison is small but a highly skilled and quick pivot. He generates offense by using his speed, quickness and elusiveness to beat defenders. He moves well with very impressive speed burst and very quick feet. He creates space and time with his excellent hand-speed and skill with the puck. He is creative and smooth with the puck on his stick, looking for an open teammate to pass to or a hole to burst through on his way to the net. While not a physical player, he will go to the dirty areas for a scoring chance or shot at a rebound. He distributes the puck very well but also shows off a great wrist-shot and strong offensive positioning to find loose pucks and generate scoring chances. He is aggressive on offense and plays with some urgency, getting after the puck in the offensive zone. The problem is that he is very small: looks like he is just 150-pounds soaking wet. His defensive effort also needs to get much better and more consistent. When defending there is not a lot of effort or work ethic shown on his behalf. He follows the play but is not engaged at all, standing upright and just kind waving his stick around, but when his team gets the puck you can see a body language change and his motor starts running. He doesn’t put up much of a fight in the corners and his aforementioned defensive deficiencies and physical weakness also leave many question marks. Will be a long-term project for which ever NHL team selects him. (May 2015)