Bogdan Yakimov

Darren Walker

Yakimov is a big, two-way power centre who is a bit of a lumbering skater off the mark but is almost impossible to stop once he gets up to top speed. He uses a good sense of timing and solid understanding of position to offset his heavy feet but will need to improve this area before challenging for an NHL spot. He’s strong and hard to get the puck off of, protecting it with his frame and reach. He still has some room to add more muscle and when he does he will become a beast to handle. He possesses very good puck skills for a big guy and can dangle through the opposition defense. He also shows good understanding of the defensive side of the puck as well but could be more active. Not a physical guy in terms of blasting people with hits, Yakimov does use his size consistency in the cycle and down low. He has a good, heavy shot that he gets on net consistently. He has a shoot-first mentality and not one to over handle the puck or hold on to it too long looking for a pass. He plays the game with drive and passion. The inevitable Russian factor is a concern with Yakimov however he could make the jump to North America sooner than expected as he has grown frustration of not earning a KHL job despite his readiness. (May 2013)