Bode Wilde

Aaron Vickers

Wilde is a big, two-way differencemaker on the back-end…a big kid that is also a real solid skater…transitions smoothly…passes the puck with authority and accuracy…has a booming slap shot from the point that he can unleash in a hurry…he can be a real catalyst on the power play…shows nice leadership skills…calm puck handling, rarely displaying panic under pressure…generates time and space by using body positioning…uses his big frame to step into opponents and shut them down physically…closes the gap, seals off along the boards and eliminates time and space…not one to go looking for the big hit, but is nasty in the corners and has more than enough strength to knock his opponents and separate them from the puck…employs an active stick and excellent anticipation to disrupt the attack…gets himself into lanes to close them off to the frustration of opposing forwards…poised and mature beyond his age…a nice blend of size, mobility and strength…can do it all, and excels at both ends of the rink…has top-pairing, all-situational NHL upside. (July 2018)