Blake Siebenaler

Darren Walker

Siebenaler is a fast and very smooth-skating puck rusher. He has a wide skating style with a low center of gravity that he uses to his advantage when racing for loose pucks. He is very agile and gets to top speed in a matter of seconds. Siebenaler carries the puck with a ton of confidence; he has quick hands and shows ashes of creativity. He protects the puck well from defenders and manages to hold on when at top speed. He sees the ice extremely well and makes a good outlet pass through lanes that many wouldn’t even see. Siebenaler has tremendous offensive instincts and moves around to create scoring opportunities. He pinches from the blue line throughout the game, and when hit with a pass, he lets off a quick wrist shot that’s always on target. He has a powerful slap shot when given a chance to use it. Siebenaler battles hard in the corners, using his body to rub players off the puck. He gives a big hit on occasion, but looks more con dent when he’s not trying to crush people with checks. Siebenaler makes very smart decisions with the puck. He waits patiently and carries the puck if he has to in order to make the right play. He challenges opponents with the puck and executes good gap control when defending. He leads the power play, distributing the puck with his patience and exceptional vision. Consistency from game to game needs improvement. (May 2014)