Benjamin Gleason

Aaron Vickers

Gleason is a mobile defender who skates very well and stood out every time he touched the ice for Hamilton this season. A cousin of NHLer Tim Gleason, he looks confident and in control at the point, pulling the puck in closer to his body and pivoting to the center of the ice to get into a shooting lane and unload his heavy slap shot. A strong and balanced skater, Gleason could work on his transitions from backward to forward. He has good footwork to escape trouble with the puck, taking quick steps to generate some speed and get away from the check. He is not afraid to throw his weight around and can lay a big check when warranted. He gets his stick in the way of passes in order to break up plays. Gleason puts in the effort to catch the puck carrier after the puck gets transitioned by the opposition, quickly gaining good position on the attacker. He sees the ice very well in transition and anticipates lanes developing, seaming excellent neutral-zone passes on the tape of his target. His pinches are typically timed correctly and are effective, showing his offensive mindset as he picks his spots to jump into the play and make an offensive impact. He defends well, getting his stick in the way and adjusts his speed accordingly. Gleason reads and reacts well to incoming plays, showing great decision-making. He has shown that he has the ability to be a difference-maker on the back end.   (May 2016)