Beck Malenstyn

Aaron Vickers

Malenstyn is a big-bodied forward who has great drive and speed in open ice. He looks pretty good on and off the puck, looking poised with the puck on his stick and able to create some meaningful chances. He uses his feet to create separation for himself and to pursue puck carriers on the forecheck. Malenstyn has good speed and handles his edges well, making him surprisingly agile for his size. He can handle the puck, although he doesn’t have anything elite in his tickle trunk, but is confident to attack the tougher areas with the puck, using protection over quick dangles. His strength and reach make him a hard individual to knock the puck away from, as he does a pretty good job of keeping a shoulder up. He makes smart choices in choosing his passing lanes and likes the quick connecting play that will keep the puck going forward. His shot accuracy and velocity are literally hit or miss, but his release is solid as he gets it off in a blink. Malenstyn is an honest blue-collar skater who is a key member of any team’s penalty kill. He’s a smart guy who can get on top of a puck carrier without much notice. He has an ability to see plays develop and doesn’t over-skate the play when using his speed to close gaps. Malenstyn has a really good stick that he gets into opponents’ bubbles, and a compete level that has him lining bodies up and taking his guy off the puck. He has an ability to close gaps really quickly and is an honest hard worker who has some smarts. His forte is with his defensive skill, but he also shows a few sequences of convincing offensive flash per game. However, we don’t think it will translate into much more than a complementary offensive role.   (May 2016)