Beau Bennett

Aaron Vickers

A strong skater although possessing just slightly above average speed. Is a pure goal scorer. Stride is nice and will get better and more balanced as he adds strength to his slight but projectable frame. Best asset is his blistering shot and ability to nd open space where his teammates can get the puck to him for a quick one-timer or a pin-point accurate wrister to the top corner. Shot release is lightning quick and has amazing offensive instincts. Is a sniper without questions but he also shows good vision and can make some impressive passing plays when his space gets taken away. Is dynamic and makes his linemates better because of his skill level and willingness to use them in his goal to create scoring chances. While he does have some height and a frame to carry future weight he does not have the disposition to play the physical game. Also has a ways to go in rounding out his game as his defensive game is lacking. (May 2010)