Avery Peterson

Aaron Vickers

Peterson is a powerful two-way centre in the making — a big-bodied play- er who skates pretty well. He’s seemingly always thundering down the wing with the puck, but more often than not tries to pass it to an open teammate. He neglects to be selfish, which you want in this type of player, and the willingness to take it to the net consistently. He does take the shot when he has it but does not drive the net when he should or play to his physical strengths. He lacks the edge or aggressiveness you want even if he does show ashes of being a prolific physical beast. He has some good hands and can make some skilled one-on-one dangles, which is surprising to see for a guy possessing his physical qualities. Defensively, he comes back into his own zone and eliminates a check although he has much to learn about this side of the puck. He does have some good upside but is also raw and will take some considerable time before we see what the finished product becomes. (May 2013)