Austin Wagner

Aaron Vickers

A raw and developing power winger. Has high-end speed and accelerates extremely well for
a big guy; has very powerful edges. Unfortunately, we feel like his brain and hands sometimes
fail to catch up to his impressive wheels. Despite this, he still creates quite a few offensive
chances off the rush. He uses his speed wide, draws in the defender, and protects the puck
before dishing a skilled pass to a streaking line mate. He has the frame to protect the biscuit, but
his balance isn’t always great during the cycle. He’s still a raw player with lots to improve upon
but has some really impressive tools to build upon. His physical play is strong, throwing a few
decent hits per game, but is not a nasty character by any stretch. Sees time on the top PK unit
due to his ability to cover good ground. Away from the puck we like his work on the forecheck
where he uses his speed, length and physical play. Shows a strong ability to read the play without
the puck offensively and go to high percentage areas of the ice to get rebounds or get open
for passes. Improvement in some of the finer areas like stickhandling and stick positioning in
tighter areas will come with more work and more confidence. Has a smart and mature two-way
approach to the game. This kid could be an absolute force once he adds more strength.  (May 2015)