Artyom Minulin

Aaron Vickers

A two-way defender with size who utilizes his smarts to strategically play a safe but effective game in both ends…skates well for a big man and has improved the quickness to his initial steps…skates with a wide base to balance his large frame…an effective passer who reads options and hits his target…effective on the powerplay, walking the line with the puck before delivering shots through traffic…does a good job of managing his own end, working to eliminate chances…swarms his opponents and uses his strength to his advantage once he angles the play into a stationary battle along the boards…his quick stick and keen vision allows him to hold coverage of lanes, impeding chances…clears his crease front and doesn’t get over rangy in his defense, maintaining position when pressure mounts…his work ethic is very good and he is a beast in board play…has a limited ceiling offensively but the potential to be the defensive anchor at the next level…a big, broad shouldered defenseman that shows some impressive athleticism and all-around play.  (November 2016)