Artur Kayumov

Aaron Vickers

Kayumov is an impressive little player who played in all situations for Russia’s U18 squad and was effective in all roles he was asked to play. He is electric as he bursts around the ice and lays the body when he sees the opportunity to do so. He is a tremendous playmaker with soft hands and poise with the puck. With great speed, Kayumov can fly down the wing, deke out a defenseman and take the puck to the slot for a chance. He executes some slick passing plays by exploiting lanes in front of him and connecting on the pass to a teammate. He has impressive ability to slightly shift his body while moving with the puck just enough to open space and distribute the puck. He is a determined offensive player who will constantly drive the net with and without the puck in hopes of scoring. He has good decision-making on the rush away from the puck to trail the puck carrier and get to right position for a drop pass before taking it to the slot as needed. He has a wicked shot release and always wants the puck on his stick. His size is diminutive, but he does attempt to battle on the wall. He definitely has the room to add pure muscle mass and improve his game as a result. Kayumov’s head is always on a swivel to be aware of incoming pressure and to analyze all options. He does a good job defensively of attacking the points and making his presence felt. He picks up his checks and understands where he needs to be to defend. He killed penalties and did a good job activating his stick to intercept passes and break up the play in the process.   (May 2016)