Anton Slepyshev

Aaron Vickers

A big Russian winger who has many tools that have scouts excited. He skates well with a good long stride and quick feet that aid his offensive skill set. He is smooth and instinctual of where to be on the ice to set up his deadly one-timer shot. Although his vision is not considered elite, he can make a nice pass; however, he looks to shoot nine out of 10 times he has the puck. His wrist shot is a quick, accurate one that surprises many goaltenders. He makes the most noise around the circles in the offensive zone. He has nice hands that he can use to dangle and deke. He has a deadly backhand that he can roof with very limited time and space, similar to Mats Sundin. He has the size and physical ability to play a strong boards game as well. He is not afraid to go to the greasy areas on the ice and take some abuse in front of the op- position’s net for a scoring chance. He competes, and despite not having elite offensive tools like some of his countrymen, he makes himself more effective because of his work rate. (May 2012)