Anton Karlsson

Darren Walker

A solid two-way winger who never quits on a play and competes very hard in all three zones. Karlsson is an excellent skater, and he has good top speed and reaches it quickly. When he gets going, defenders have a hard time containing him. He likes to build up momentum by taking a wide turn, getting open for passes and taking the puck with a high speed to attack. He can easily sidestep opponents while twisting and turning in the offensive zone. He’s not afraid to use his strong balance to muscle himself straight to the net. Shooting wise, Karlsson’s biggest asset is his quick release. He could work on both his slap shot and wrist shot; he’s good at quickly getting them off, but their accuracy and velocity is not great. Makes good, simple passes, but lacks creativity. He is strong and physical on the walls, playing a tough, gritty game and showing no fear in getting involved. He closes off lanes on the forecheck, and does a good job getting back quickly on defense to block a shot or clog the lanes in his own end. He is strong on the puck and makes good, simple plays off the rush. Strong on the cycle game and keeps pressure with possession down low. He gives a good effort in the physical game, finishing checks and using his size, but he sometimes goes out of position to make a hit. (May 2014)