Anthony Richard

Aaron Vickers

A small but highly skilled and quick offensive catalyst. Richard is a pretty good skater and is very agile. He has quick feet, which help him to change direction quickly or cut to the middle while in full speed. Because of his small frame and light weighted body, he is easily knocked around and pushed off the puck. He has pretty slick hands and can make defenders look silly when he raises his intensity and attacks them. Because of his agility and great hands, he has electrifying one-on-one skills. One of his go-to moves is to pull the puck under the defenseman’s stick then cut to the middle for a quick shot. His playmaking game is pretty effective when he does look to pass; at times he likes to keep the puck a little longer to draw defenders in. He is a pretty effective shooter and he likes to shoot it a ton, but he will need to pick corners a bit more as he can shoot into the goaltender’s crest a little too often. His physical play is not very strong due to his lack of size and when he does finish a check it’s inefficient. (May 2015)