Andreas Athanasiou

Aaron Vickers

A flashy offensively minded winger with a good shot. Skates extremely well with some of the best wheels in the entire draft. Top end acceleration and outside speed with the ability to skate past defenders wide before cutting back to the net for a scoring chance. Problem is he shy’s away from any physical contact and does not make that cut back. His puck skills are elite and he can handle the puck like it is on a string. His shot is hard and accurate but he often passes up chances to try a low-percentage pass instead. Maddeningly inconsistent from game to game. Lack of strength is a weakness that will need to be addresses and the hope is that once he gets stronger his physical shyness will disappear somewhat. Questionable hockey sense as he does not incorporate a chance of pace or much deception in his attack in- stead always coming full speed, often over skating his options or the puck itself. Does not have enough compete or a two-way game to think he is more than top six scorer or bust at this time. (May 2012)