Anderson MacDonald

Aaron Vickers

MacDonald is a prototypical power-forward with some natural goal-scoring ability…moves around the ice fairly well for a guy his size, generating good levels of speed, even if he lacks that explosive first step right now…battles along the boards, and makes plays with his big frame…plays with a chip on his shoulder and physical edge, fighting for his space and standing up for teammates regularly…not just brawn, but also processes the game at a high level…knows where to go to get scoring opportunities, and manoeuvres himself with power and determination into those prime scoring areas without fear…grinds it out against all comers, and will battle hard along the boards to retrieve pucks…impressive ability to shield the puck with his frame…has a strong shot with a quick release, and he gets a lot of power off without having to wind up too much…displays his shot with a ton of accuracy…has good vision and has shown a willingness to play a two-way game…has the skill and size, but will need consistent compete level to develop into a top-end winger in the NHL. (July 2017)