Alexei Lipanov

Aaron Vickers

A very gifted and opportunistic centre…extremely fast on his skates…has “jersey flapping” speed, excellent agility and quickness that he uses in tight areas to be elusive…with a couple of quick strides, he can easily fly by the oppositions defense and take the puck to the net…has a good accurate wrist shot…can create plays out of nothing with his high-end vision and offensive instincts…creativity with the puck leads to many scoring chances…has the vision and talent to pace an attack…he makes good plays everywhere on the ice and he competes hard…uses hs speed on forechecking duties coupled with his intensity to get on the puck quickly…not a defensive minded player by any stretch but has the ability to help out when needed and covers his man consistently…does not fly the zone early like some other offensively gifted prospects would…has an excellent shot and is a hungry, determined player…very responsible centre in the Russian mold of centres…top six pro upside.  (November 2016)