Alexandre Carrier

Darren Walker

Carrier is a very calm, smooth playmaker who processes the game at an elite level. He is
an interesting prospect as he plays an effective and reliable game. He impresses as he plays
a good two-way game from the backend. He doesn’t have any flashy, high-end, offensive skill,
but he thinks the game at a very high level and possesses outstanding vision. His passes on
the breakout or outlets are near perfect, in terms of touch and timing. Makes low-risk/safe plays
to get the puck up ice and keep it there. Carrier is a good skater with strong pivots, but he lacks
high-end speed and burst. Carrier moves fluidly and has high-end lateral agility, is strong on
his feet and is powerful in his stride. He is slippery and can escape pressure fairly easily with
his quick change of direction. Alexandre can skate the puck out of his zone when he sees the
opening to do so or has no passing option. He possesses pro calibre awareness and decision
making, but his execution can be a little inconsistent. Defensively he anticipates the play and
reacts exceptionally well. Picks up his man in front of the net and does everything in his power
to tie him up and push him aside. Despite is average size, he displays good protection when in
control of the puck and tries to play physically with good shoulder checks along the wall.  (May 2015)