Alexandre Alain

Aaron Vickers

A strong two-way center who plays the game with intensity and grit. Skates with a powerful
stride and strong agility. Not a real burner in terms of speed but overall his mobility is strong
and his feet are always churning. Is always in the play and battles hard in 50/50 confrontations.
Strong on the PK as he reads the developing play, gets into lanes and is aggressive on getting
out to the shooter to block a shot. Plays with solid levels of energy and controls the boards very
well, playing a grinding game. Does not mind mixing it up a little, but is not a drop the gloves kind
of guy–more a chirp or give a little hack with the stick. Very good shooter with a wide variety of
shot selections. Has a slick release and can corral the puck quickly off a pass and get it on net in
a blink of an eye. Makes some creative passes and can carry the puck, but is more of a natural
complementary offensive player. The kind of player a coach loves to have on the team as he
knows he can play in a multitude of roles when asked. Not a real offensive catalyst as he started
the year as the number one offensive center, producing points before settling into the second/
third line two-way role. We kind of think he would suit the wing better than center. Struggles with
consistency on the offensive side of things, but even if that part of his game does not pan out,
he can always be a strong defensive contributor.  (May 2015)