Alexander Younan

Aaron Vickers

Younan is a skilled and mobile defenseman who keeps the puck moving up ice. He had a promising start to the season and got the chance with the big guys in the pre-season, where he was doing pretty good. Unfortunately, he got injured just a few games into the season and has struggled since coming back. He is an above-average skater. He has no problem shifting back- ward when the game quickly turns. Keeps his feet moving all the time and he ́s quick in his rst few strides. Even though he is an offensive-minded d-man, he could work on his shot strength and release. He QBs the power play in an intelligent way and has a smart shot, meaning he sets it up for easy an deflection or to create rebound chances more often than ripping it by the goal- tender. He ́s an effective puck transporter. On the down side, he should do it more consistently. He makes a good, heavy first pass that sparks the rush and plays a positional sound defensive game. He gets pushed around a little too easily for a man of his size, but has no problem with clearing traffic from the front of his net. Gap control is a little shaky at times. He makes smart decisions with the puck and he ́s not the type of player throwing away the puck when under pressure. Not afraid of getting in the shooting lane. Needs to build some muscle this summer to be able to take the next step and compete against bigger guys on a regular basis. (May 2015)