Alexander Wennberg

Darren Walker

Wennberg is a skilled forward who has been steadily rising up our draft boards all season. He skates extremely well and has good top-seed with excellent acceleration. He is very strong on his skates. It’s easy to be fooled by his lean stature and weaker looking frame, but he’s extremely hard to knock off balance. Wennberg has a great ability to keep his head up while engaging in a puck battles or making moves around a defender and can shake off opponents with twists and turns near the board with agility. Wennberg is a great positional player as he knows where to be on the ice and makes himself available for one-timers. He’s a pretty smart shooter, however, his shots are short on velocity and he lacks the confidence to use them consistently. His goals are often scored closer to the net thanks to his great positioning and shiftiness in the offensive zone. He protects the puck very well, knowing when to extend his stick and put his body in between the puck and his opponent, keeping control of the puck, and knowing when to engage physically. Wennberg can control the puck at high speed and in traffic, whether it’s along the boards or off the rush. He has decent puck skills and doesn’t try those coast-to-coast ashy rushes but has the ability to maintain the puck and deke around a defender at high speed. A pass first player, he is one who can control the puck, show good patience and find players with both crisp passes or with saucers. He is willing and consistently ventures into traffic and towards the gritty areas of the ice. Wennberg is a smart player position-wise with an active stick and is slippery/tricky in tight spaces. He is tenacious and hard-working but not really an effective physical player yet and as such, works with his stick a lot to strip the puck from opponents or get it into passing lanes. Defensively, he has good closing speed, goes to the dirty areas and will sacrifice the body to block shots on occasion. Still raw in a lot of ways but has some very intriguing tools, including his ability to adapt to the situation and what is requested of him by his coaches. (May 2013)