Alexander Burmistrov

Aaron Vickers

Flashy and ultra skilled, especially with his stickhandling ability. Makes defenders look foolish when he weaves in and out of traffic with the puck like it is taped to his stick. Has outstanding vision, hockey sense and offensive creativity which enable him to control the tempo of the offensive attack. Is a playmaker in the same mold as Igor Larionov but with a more fiesty attitude and better hands. Is a faceoff ace who utilizes his quick hands and re exes to win the majority of draws he takes and is smart enough to realize that he needs to play a two-way game to make the biggest impact on his team. Provides strong back pressure and uses his quick stick to pick-pocket ‘al a Pavel Datsyuk’ from behind. Skates very well with a water bug type dartiness on the ice. Has nice top end speed and the ability to change gears and throw defenders while maintaining possession of the puck. Small size is an issue as he is tiny and looks much smaller in his street clothes. Needs strength badly as his weaknesses all stem from this problem. Shot is also low velocity as he lacks the arm strength. (May 2010)