Alexander Alexeyev

Aaron Vickers

Alexeyev is a large, physical blueliner who plays a heavy game in his own zone…skating is solid; not the quickest player but moves well for his size…gets himself involved in the rush and is a guy who will carry the puck on the breakout if given the space…sees the available pass very quickly…simple with the puck, doesn’t do anything overly creative…has a heavy shot…great at timing one-timers and is able to get a bullet on net with a quick wrist shot as well…smooth edges and mobility to stay ahead of the rush and keep his man at a tight gap to hinder creativity…likes to use his body and step up on opponents…he makes good reads and doesn’t get himself into too much trouble with his defensive decision-making…difficult to beat one-on-one and does a good job forcing players to the outside…hard to beat down low and is able to take opposing players off the puck…loves the nasty side of the game and playing physical…a quality two-way defender who isn’t without flaw, but has top-four NHL potential as someone who can make a solid pass but takes care of his end first and foremost. (July 2017)