Alex Tuch

Darren Walker

A big-body power winger who can score. Tuch moves well for a 6-foot-4, 215-pound winger. He has strong straight-line speed and acceleration and he is very balanced on his skates. Tuch also shows off the ability to distribute the puck off the rush, using his awareness for his teammates to make strong drop passes and cross-ice feeds. Tuch gives a very strong effort, competing hard in all zones and using his size and strength to make himself an imposing force in the offensive zone. He is very tough to compete against for defenses, including the big guys in both the USHL and college games. Tuch’s strength makes him a force with the puck down low and when powering his way by defenders toward the net. He protects the puck well with his size and makes himself nearly impossible to separate from it. Shows a willingness to get mean and throw his weight around on the forecheck. He gives a good board effort, as he uses his intimidating size to beat players in the corners and win puck possession. Tuch is also strong on defense. He is always one of the first back in the play, and uses his reach and his stick to interfere with the opposition’s offensive chances. He does an excellent job taking away lanes and he pressures the points very well, not giving much room to shooters at the point. He knows when he should get involved lower in the zone and when to stay high covering the points. He uses his strength to tie players up and help out on the boards. Tuch is a very well-rounded big man. (May 2014)