Alex Peters

Darren Walker

Peters is a strong, defensive-minded rearguard. He is a very good skater who covers a lot of ground in the defensive zone. His ability to start and stop comes in very handy against quicker forwards. Peters is a solid shot blocker who sacrifices his body regularly in shooting lanes. He plays a very physical brand of defense, eliminating his checks along the wall or to the ice with his strong frame. Finishes his checks well and steps in for his teammates when need be. He isn’t afraid of anyone, and showed a willingness to go toe to toe with the league’s toughest fighters when needed. For being such a big guy, you would expect better, but he has just an average slap shot. He also does not have the creativity and poise with the puck to rush it up ice. He showed next to zero creativity or ambition to be a playmaker, but he never loses possession of the puck either. He’s not the type of player who will spend much time on the puck. His job is mainly to defend and to win battles. Once that is done, he’ll play the safe pass out and then support his teammates in case they need help. Peters is able to anticipate where the play will be and get there in time to prevent the play from developing. Good guy to have out on the PK, very effective. Has an active stick; good on the poke check. Very hard worker and never takes a shift off. (May 2014)