Alex Formenton

Aaron Vickers

Formenton is a developing offensive prospect with elite speed in his game. He’s long and lanky, but his strides are compact and he’s a very agile skater with great speed. He does a good job of keeping a wide base; he’s very quick to move laterally and is slippery and tough to contain along the boards because of his edgework. He has smooth hands and a long reach, and he’s very difficult to contain off the rush as he can drive to the outside and simply skate around defenders. He has a decent wrist shot, with a quick release and good accuracy, but his shot lacks power and could improve as he gains upper-body strength. He has good passing abilities and is able to make quick passes at full speed through the neutral zone, but he didn’t show much creativity with the puck when set up in the offensive zone and stuck to more of a cycle game. With a solid frame he can follow up this pass by going hard to the net and trying to muscle his way to any potential rebounds, this aspect will also be enhanced as he gains muscle. He’s very engaged defensively, hustling to cover the trailing player on the backcheck and was often the first forward back in his own end in tonight’s game. He has a long reach and uses it well to angle opponents to the outside of the zone and force mistakes. Overall he has been progressing well all season, figuring out how to effectively use his size and speed to get himself into better shooting areas on the ice.