Alex D’Orio

Aaron Vickers

D’Orio is a very athletic butterfly stopper from the one time goaltending factory that is the QMJHL. He possesses quick legs, quick feet, strong reflexes and can rely on a quick glove to snap pucks out of danger. He also tracks the puck well. A very mobile and flexible goaltender, he smothers pucks shot into his midsection very well. On the other hand, he needs to work on his rebound control as he allows way too many free pucks at his feet. Shots directed toward his pads seemed to be automatic rebounds. His butterfly style makes his lower net coverage very strong as he seals off the ice, but he tends to be vulnerable on top shelf shots and skilled shooters that can deposit the puck just under the bar, despite his good size. His fight and reflexes are sharp, allowing him to make the spectacular save when needed. He can play the puck well outside of his crease and helps facilitate his team’s quick transition or just pull the puck off the wall for an easier pickup by his defenseman. We have questions regarding his mental makeup at times as his focus wanes after he allows some goals. On the other hand, he can also look and act extremely cool and poised in the pressure cooker that is the shootout. Has some rough edges to round off but also some impressive upside that a NHL team will love to add to their prospect stable.