Alec Broetzman

Aaron Vickers

Broetzman is a complete player and possesses plenty of the skills an NHL team looks for.
Offensively, he is explosive and always a threat. He is the type of player who does not need
much space to be dangerous. He has a quick release and a lethal wrist shot. Along with a wicked
shot, he can play the role of playmaker: always knowing where his teammates are on the ice
and possessing the incredible ability to get them the puck in prime space. He plays the game of
a natural power forward and will be even more fitting in that role when he gets a little bit stronger.
He is very strong on the puck already and when he lowers his shoulder to make his power move
around the defender, no one at the high school level is able to get the puck off of his stick. While
he is powerful on his skates, he may need to work on his foot speed and overall skating ability.
He is absolutely ruthless on the forecheck, never giving up on his puck pursuit until he gets the
puck or they break the puck out. This kid has very impressive intangibles. He usually hustles
back and he rarely gives up on a play. He also thinks the game very well, usually in the right
spot to make a play and he is very calculated in the decisions that he makes. Very competitive
but can negatively get knocked off his game when things don’t go his way.  (May 2015)