Adin Hill

Aaron Vickers

A big sized stopper with solid positioning. Has the size that NHL teams covet in goaltending
development projects. And that is just what he is: a project. He has some intriguing tools, but
is so raw in many other areas. He gets himself into strong position for the first shot and usually
makes those saves with a solid butterfly stance. He does well positionally to line up with shooters,
but his lack of quickness has him standing still and hoping the puck hits him. He has faced
a whole bunch of shots in games this season and seems to thrive off seeing the puck more than
the games when he is not peppered as much. His net control is sloppy on second and third shots
and he seems to just be hoping the puck hits him. His recovery is a big scrambled mess and
his reflexes are slower as he is still gangly, growing into his frame. His side-to-side movement
is lacking explosiveness in his lateral quickness and he has the habit of looking before starting
his push in cross-crease sliding. Has been somewhat consistent this season in giving his team
a chance in most games, stopping first shots and showing a willingness to improve. He’s got
a lot of work to do with his mechanics, but the frame is impressive, as are his results this year.  (May 2015)