Adam Werner

Aaron Vickers

Werner is that big puck stopper who fills the net well and who has all NHL scouts salivating for what he could develop into. He has a great balance and is calm in net. He is a strong skater, showing the ability to quickly get into position and set himself up. Werner uses his size to cut down angles, is proficient in stopping cross-crease passes with his big paddle or by picking the puck out of the air with his glove. His ability to control his rebounds is a work in progress as he gives up some juicy second chances. He displays good concentration throughout games and is focused, even when his teammates’ performances leave much to be desired in front of him. He tends to go down and stay down on his knees leaving openings up top. His side-to-side mobility is decent but could and should improve with added leg strength. He also has some holes that open when he moves to position himself at the top of his crease for the initial shot that will need to be closed off. He handles the puck well. Considering that he is a big and modern style goal- tender, we think Werner could be the top stopper in the 2015 NHL Draft on one or more NHL teams’ lists as a raw, high upside talent to develop. (May 2015)