Adam Thilander

Aaron Vickers

Thilander proved to be an impressive all-around defender for the Battalion this season. His skating is solid as he possesses quick feet and decent overall speed, which add to his ability to get to pucks first in his defensive zone. He is a smart, but not overly creative passer and a decent playmaker, knowing where the smart play is and how to get the puck where it needs to be most of the time. He holds the line well in the offensive zone, is excellent at finding open space, or getting the puck towards the net. He should work on the accuracy and velocity of his shot as it isn’t all that dangerous. He jumps up and is able to get up on the rush quickly without sacrificing defensive positioning. Uses his quick feet and excellent backward skating technique to get back and cover. He uses his body to keep his opponents to the outside without resorting to hooking or holding infractions. In his own zone he stays with his man, and utilizes a quick stick to shut down attackers quickly and effectively. Looks good on the PK, ensuring he covers passing and shooting lanes well, keeping his opponents away from the dangerous areas of the ice. Not a physical guy at all but will use his body to protect the puck or separate an opponent from it as well. He tries to keep his crease clear, pushing opponents from the crease area and out of his goaltender’s sightlines but not with any malice. Overall Thilander looks like a poised and solid first pass two-way defensive prospect that won’t wow you but will be impactful playing down a lineup.