Adam Musil

Darren Walker

A prototypical power forward if there ever was one. Not much mystery in what Adam Musil
brings to the table every time he hits the ice. Exhibiting a strong stride, Musil can accelerate
quickly and is an absolute train that won’t be easily stopped. His skills with the puck are developing.
He isn’t really a guy who will be classified as a dangler and take you out of your seat, but
his possession and protection skills are excellent. Uses his body to his advantage and plays a
big, heavy style game to move the puck in his intended direction. Has a strong shot and some
finesse in his hands around the net. Solid hand/eye coordination in knocking down pucks and
making fine-tuned plays look simple. Shows good awareness at both ends of the ice. His passing
skills are adequate and he can make simple tape-to-tape passes with consistency through
traffic and on the fly. Provides support down low and pressure in the defensive zone. Relentless
puck pursuit and follows through on his checks and hits to punish his opponents. He’s just a
monster along the walls. He wins so many battles due to his strong hands and stick positioning.
He’s very smart in how he positions himself in those battles, automatically giving him a big advantage
when grinding against smaller, weaker or younger competition.  (May 2015)