Adam Mascherin

Aaron Vickers

This left winger is on the short side, but has a powerful, stocky build like Max Domi, and has the ability to power his way around the ice. He has the vision to set up down low and on the power play, picking apart lanes with seamless passes. He has taken his speed to another level this season and has excellent separation speed in his arsenal. Mascherin possesses quickstep acceleration, which allows him to catch the puck carrier on the backcheck or create havoc and pressure all over the ice. He can instantly change the speed in which he travels to fit his attacking needs with the puck, aiding his ability to separate and quickly explode past defenders on the outside. He plays with the puck on a string as he drives the play up ice, and can quickly change the speed of his hands and slide to one single hand on the puck and back to two with strong, controlled movements as he approaches a defender. Mascherin has the confidence, and definitely the ability, to get creative with the puck in the offensive zone and on zone entries. He possesses incredible vision on the breakout, and the confidence to make smart passes with pressure on, not seeming to be flustered by the pressure he takes. He has a quick little release that shoots off the blade of his stick, making his rocket of a shot dangerous. He is strong on the puck and isn’t afraid to use his frame and pure strength to throw the body and protect the puck, giving himself the room to escape the pressure and carry the puck the length of the ice.   (May 2016)