Adam Marsh

Aaron Vickers

Marsh is a very smart, high energy guy. He seems to be able to ll any role offensively that the coach asks. Does not have great hands, as he loses the puck at times making a deke, but enough skills where he can control it on the rush. He possesses great speed and even better acceleration. He has a second gear with the puck and can go zero to 60 with the puck in a blink of an eye. He anticipates the play very well and even though he is not able to make every play he intends to make, he always knows the right play to make. His shot is pretty good, when he gets it off. Very slow shot release when he tries to get power behind it. He is very responsible defensively. He makes good defensive reads and closes off lanes with his body and stick. Marsh is the type of versatile player that every team needs to succeed. He is a role player, but he does not t into just one role. He can t anywhere the coach needs him. We get the impression that he has a pretty low ceiling offensively, but could be a solid complementary piece to a secondary scoring line or in a defensive role at the next level. (May 2015)